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. number 96 defense. penalty is declined. field goal is good. >> troy: barry cofield. only 18 seconds left with one time-out and maybe a glimmer of hope. >> troy: well, on the third down play, they flushed tony romo. dez bryant who i thought would be the guy who would go down the field, he ran a shallow crossing route. so the idea is try to pick up the first down, get something quick if you fail but at least you get some yards to add to that field goal. it doesn't matter. bailey makes the field goal. now with 18 second left, an onside kick to come. >> joe: robert griffin iii has a quarterback rating of 146.1. eight touchdowns, one interception over his last two games against the nfc east. he's about to up his record barring the miraculous to 2-1 against the nfc east. and he will have ten touchdowns against these division opponents compared to only two interceptions and a quarterback rating of over 140. this division is going to be bothered by rg3 for who knows how long. >> troy: it may be this year as ell. >> joe: here's the onside kick try. it is returned by deangelo hall. he's going to s
was wrong. the white house came to her defense today. >> ambassador rice has no responsible for collecting, analyzing and providing intelligence. >> ambassador rice released a statement today saying there was no attempt to mislead the american people. now susan rice is believed to become a top contender to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. president obama said republican critics should, quote go after me instead. >>> stunning video from oakland. as two people in a car come face to face with someone pointing a gun at them from another car. and it didn't stop there. >> from afghanistan to federal court, why servicewomen are suing the department of defense. >>> caught on tape, something you probably haven't seen before. two money pointing a gun at the target, and the person taking the tape, their target. ktvu's paul chamber reports on the chilling video and why the police say the couple took a chance with their life. >> reporter: the people on this video are facing charges after they shot at the couple taking the video. police say it was around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the coupl
it is switching to iphones. fishes claim the blackberries, are now failing at crucial moments. the defense department, immigration and customs enforcement and the transportation security administration have already made the switch. >>> the department of agriculture is about to change how it makes sure turkeys are safe to eat. the usda is almost ready to roll out new poultry inspection rules. the trade-off? fewer usda inspectors on poultry lines checking for discoloration or other obvious problems. >> the safety and quality of the poultry is going to be questionable. >> the usda tells our d.c. bureau the new rules will make poultry safer to eat. >>> president obama continued a white house tradition, pardoning two turkeys who might otherwise have been on the dinner table this evening. in a rose garden ceremony, president obama absolved the turkeys, named cobbler and gobbler. and the president told them they would have a good life. >> from here, these two lucky birds will be swept up in a whirlwind of fame and fortune that will ultimately lead them to mount vernon, where they will spend their
cases challenging the federal defense of marriage act. >> it's huge. we could see really a key change on our issues from the supreme court this term. >>> the court could end up legalizing or banning gay marriage nationwise, depending on how far it goes. >>> a teenager's humiliating airport pat-down. the flood of responses from our viewers. >>> the state with the new so- called amazon texas expects to bring in about $100 million in its first fiscal year, but it is a confusing new law. some on-line retailers, big job line retailers are required to collect sales tax, but others are not. and if you buy something on- line and don't pay sales tax, odds are you still owe. if you need a tiki mug, a tiki statue, and there are many kinds, or anything hawaiian, talk to loren. his big seller? >> christmas hawaiian shirts right now. >> reporter: loren, like all small business owners charges sales tax, and he supported the law to require on-line retails like to do the same. >> i think it's unfair competition. >> reporter: but it only affects some of the larger on- line retailers like a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4